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KY – May 9, 2008, ICG’s Tiptop Mine Complex located 10 miles NE of Hazard in Perry County
mountain Top Removal/Area Mine. Largely reclaimed using FRA. 40-50 American chestnut seedlings and 100-200 hardwoods.  OSM, ICG-Hazzard, TACF, USFS, KY-DNR, Perry County kindergarten and 6th grade students.
Presentations on ARRI; American chestnut; and introduction of the honeybee to reclaimed mine lands.

MD – April 9, 2008, Tri-Star Mining at the Russell Road Operation near Barton, MD. Active surface mine. 124 loose graded acres. 200 chestnuts and various hardwoods. OSM, TACF, MD BOM, MDE Bureau of Mines, Slate Reclamation Committee

Speakers included Ed Larrimore of the Maryland Department of Environment, Mark Carney of the

Appalachian Regional Reforestation Initiative (ARRI), Essie Burnworth of the American Chestnut Foundation (TACF), and Glenda Owens, Deputy Director of the Office of Surface Mining (OSM).
Douglas Coal Company and Vaughn Miller of Vindex Energy received reforestation awards for their efforts in planting high quality hardwoods on reclaimed mine sites using the Forestry Reclamation Approach (FRA), which is part of the ARRI.

OH – April 11, 12, 2008, near Cadiz, OH. 20 acres FRA/ripped site. 20,000 hardwoods. 2000 American chestnut seedlings (15/16), and 400 nuts provided by TACF. OSM, OH Depts of Wildlife, Reclamation, and Forestry, Ohio U., TACF, Oxford Coal Co.

OH – May 17, 2008, near Barnesville just off I-70. 5 acres FRA/ripped site. 300 American chestnuts and 4000 hardwoods. OSM; BARK, Oxford Coal Co. Local school kids and over 200 local citizens attending to plant trees.

PA – April 25, 2008, Jennings Environmental Center off Route 8 near Slippery Rock, PA. Abandoned underground mine and tipple site. Small FRA demonstration project. 20 American chestnuts, 80 hardwoods, OSM, PADCNR. PADEP, Slippery Rock Creek Watershed Assoc., TACF,

TN – April 7, 2008, National Coal Company, Zeb Mountain permit in Campbell County 1 hours from Knoxville. 2 acre short steep slope, loose graded and another lesser slope, loose graded FRA.  Direct seeding of 500 pure American chestnuts. OSM, National Coal Company, TACF, Coal Creek Foundation. 20 7th and 8th grade students from Elk Valley School attending.

VA – April 4, 2008, Flint Gap, VA pilot carbon sequestration project, 80 acres gently rolling previously reclaimed site. Ripped to make FRA compliant. 1500 hardwoods, 50 pure American chestnuts, 6 blight resistant American chestnuts, VA DMME, OSM, AV DOF, TACF, VA Tech, Nature Conservancy, Alpha Natural Resources. 6 public high schools, 1 local Christian school, 100-125 students attending

WV – April 15, 2008, ICG-Eastern, Birch River (Webster County) aprox. 1 hours NE of Charleston, nearest town Cowen, WV. 500 acre Area Mine/FRA. 100 mixed hardwood seedlings and 100 American chestnuts. ICG-Eastern, WVDEP, OSM, WVU, TACF, WV Forestry. Birch River Gladesville 5th Grade Elementary.  

WV – April 11, 2008, Fola Coal Company, (Clay County), nearest town is Bickmore, WV (approximately 1 hour NE of Charleston) 900 acre MTR Area Mine/FRA. 300 mixed hardwood seedlings and some American chestnuts. Fola Coal Company, WVDEP, OSM, WV Forestry.  Clay County 4-H and Vo-Tech students.  *2007 Excellence in Reforestation Award Winner.

WV – April 18, 2008, Elk Run Coal Company, (Boone County), nearest town is Madison, WV (approximately 1 hour S of Charleston) 1300 acre Area Mine/FRA-compliant. 100 Red Oak seedlings and some American chestnuts. Elk Run Coal Company, WVDEP, OSM, TACF, WV Forestry, 6th graders from Madison Middle School. *2007 Excellence in Reforestation Award Winner.



KY – Martin County,45 Inez and Warfield Middle School students planted pin oak and American chestnut trees. KY-TACF ‘surface mines mimic chestnuts natural landscape. Surface mine soils also lack competing materials and the high, dry location is also good for them.  Lexington Coal Company, LLC #17West mine. Susan Bush, Commissioner for KYDNR, KY DMR, KYDOF, and KY-TACF

MD– April 11, 2007 - Georges Creek Watershed, MDE site surface mined in late ‘80’s. Clise Coal Co. donated a dozer. Alleghany Coal and Land. 100 volunteers planted 5000 trees on 10 acres

OH– May 1, 2007 – Jockey Hollow –Permit D-2235, TACF, ODNR, Harrison Cty. Soil & Water, Ntl Wild Turkey Fed, Ruffed Grouse Soc. – Lakeland Harrison County Elementary School. 33,00 hardwoods were planted on a 50 acre site, inc. 200 American chestnuts, 3300 black chokeberry, 3300 silky dogwood, 2000 hazelnut, 1500 American plum, 2000 crabapple, 7000 white oak, 7000 shumard oak, and 6900 red oak, and 100 sycamore and buckeye. Dpty Asst Secretary Land and Minerals Management, Foster Wade


TN – March 19, 2007, Thompson Creek Project (TCP) an AML in Campbell County, TN. Campbell County High School students planted 400 red oak, white oak, and American chestnut tree seedlings. Owned by TN State and managed by TWRA.

VA – April 13, 2007, Wise County near Powell River Research Project. AML site being reclaimed by VA DMME and Red River Coal Company. Over 170 Wise and Dickenson County students planted over 1500 trees including oaks, ash, white pine, American chestnut.

WV – April 27, 2007, Birch River Operation active mine, ICG - in Cowen, WV 6th grade students from Glade Middle School  planted 400 red oak trees.


KY - May 11, 2006,  Meta, KY – 100 fifth graders from Johns Creek Elementary planted American chestnut and green ash trees on Bent Mountain site in Pike County.

MD - April 6, 2007 – Klondike MD, (Alleghany County) Savage Mountain demonstration plot #2, Westmar High School, the Center for Career and Technical Education, and the Meadow Mountain Boys Camp planted 2,600 red oak, green ash, black cherry and red maple trees

OH -

PA -  April 28, 2006, Smith Chestnut Farm, Washington Twp. PA

TN -

VA -

WV -  March 22, 2006 – Ruffner mine, (Logan County), WV. 1335 acre mountaintop mine. Apogee Coal Co. has planted over 700,000 commercially valuable hardwoods and native seedlings, including red oak, white oak, chestnut oak, green ash, yellow poplar, sugar maple, red maple, black walnut and sycamore.


KY - April 13, 2005, Letcher County, KY – Premier Elkhorn Mine Site operated by Premier Elkhorn Coal Company. 26 children from Kingdom Come Elementary plant 6 American chestnuts and 20 wild plum trees.

MD - April 6, 2005, Frostburg, MD, OSM-Director Jeff Jarrett, contour mine, 1000 trees

OH - April 22, 2005, Muskingham County, OH – Tri-Valley Wildlife Area

PA -

TN - March 30, 2005, Knoxville, TN (Scott County) – Christy & Jerry Marcum, planted over 400 hardwood tree seedlings including Shumard Oak, Pin Oak, and Green Ash.  TN DOF, TECD, TN AML, and USFWS sign SMI

VA - April 8, 2005, Keokee, VA, (Lee County) - AML site, VADOF, VA Mining Assoc., Sigmon Coal Co., DMME Dep. Dir. Benny Wampler, OSM-Director Jeff Jarrett – St. Charles Elementary Sigmon is using excess spoil material from an active mining operation to reclaim AML highwalls.  Approximately 7,500 linear feet of highwall have been backfilled, regraded, reseeded and are ready for tree planting this spring. 

WV -